Top 3 Main Benefits of Frameless Phones

    The 21st century is undeniably the age of advanced technology with each new day presenting a new development that makes life flashier and easier. Smartphones stand at the frontline of these innovations with a market of three billion people across the globe and growing. Numerous industries have taken advantage of the gadgets’ widespread use, including the real casino business, which pushes developers to impress consumers continuously.

    Today, frameless phones stand as the most popular trend yet. The idea is said to have been planted in the manufacturers’ minds and those of the public by Sci-Fi films that often displayed the devices as large all-screen rectangles. The gadgets were then brought to reality in 2007 when Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone, and the public was drawn to it like piranha to meat. Ever since then, smartphone companies have gone hard with the idea of making the bezel frame smaller and unnoticeable in the long run.

    This idea currently stands as a reality with most companies abandoning the large bezeled phones for a clean frameless display that delivers a premium view. This trend has caught on with nearly every flagship device being released today, and the upsides that accompany it are more than what meets the eye.

    1. Push the Envelope

    It is no secret that relevance in the technological age is only maintained by firms that are bold enough to challenge the norm. Smartphones continue to be upgraded on the inside to meet a lot more demands than when they first hit the market in 1992. However, customers are also fascinated by changes they can see. The most obvious upside when looking at frameless smartphones is the futuristic design, which stuns the eyes and meets the goal of impressing consumers.

    Over the years, screens have been getting larger, bezels smaller, edges rounder, and colours wilder. The disappearance of frames from these gadgets can best be described as the last front towards conquering the limits of phone design. Some companies that have challenged the norm in this manner include:

    • iPhone – iPhone X/ XR/ XS
    • Samsung – Samsung Galaxy S8/S9/S10, Samsung Note 8/ 9/ 10
    • Oppo Find X
    • Nubia X
    • Vivo Nex
    • Nokia 8 Sirocco, etc.

    In the line of pushing boundaries, frameless smartphones urge manufacturers to come up with new designs. For a long time, the all-screen design had been challenging to accomplish due to the inclusion of components like cameras, earpieces, and navigation buttons.

    Recently, innovative approaches have been used such as the miniaturisation of some of these additions. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy releases use smaller cameras that are blended into the screen but do not compromise on quality. In others like the Vivo Nex and Oppo Find X, a pop-up front camera is used instead that emerges from the top of the gadget when need be. Most of these devices have also turned to in-built sensors placed beneath the screen for fingerprint security.

    1. Smooth Experience

    The ultimate upside of smartphones that come without the addition of bezels is the seamless display that allows the visual intake of content appealing. Most of the companies that turned to the inclusion of this feature have vested interests in granting players more screen time, which is achieved by providing more to look at. The same way televisions are trading up to look like movie theatre screens, mobile phones are following suit trying to look like TVs, which is working to create an even bigger market.

    The experience of edge to edge screen is fully immersive when indulging in activities like gaming. When a set like Fortnite is launched, the massive screen allows players to disappear into the alternate earth and focus on killing husks and saving the world. The same case applies to casino games. When a slot, table game, or any other kind of set is launched, players only have the game to focus on without being distracted by additions on the ends of the device.

    This advantage is further pushed by the use of superior colours that are only getting better as time goes by. As of the latest wave of flagship devices, smartphones have adopted the use of 4K resolution that takes the delivery of images to a whole new level. Samsung’s Super AMOLED display currently trumps all other Quad HD displays on the market today.

    1. More Space

    Bezel smartphones have also mainly been trumped by frameless gadgets by the latter’s ability to leave more space for screens. Previously, mobile devices used to carry huge bezels, which ended up making them bigger than they should be. For instance, the iPhone X has a screen measuring 5.8 inches diagonally while the iPhone 8 Plus features one of 5.5 inches. Even though that of the iPhone 8 Plus is smaller, the overall size of the gadget is bigger than the iPhone X. Therefore, recent releases are more effective in reducing the awkward bulkiness of their predecessors while making the displays even bigger.

    In Brief

    Over the coming years, smartphone manufacturers expect to wow their clients with even more significant innovations that usher us into the age of ultra-technology. As of now, they continue to chip away at the gadgets’ frames, which serves as a visual reminder of how much work goes into pleasing consumers.

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