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The odds of winning £1 Million on a game

When it comes to gambling, a lot of people have a go big or go home attitude. They’re not really concerned with winning small pots, they want to hit the million as soon as possible so they can start enjoying the finer things in life. To that end, the folks over at Paddy Power Casino have helped put together this brilliant infographic that breaks down some of the games you can play and the odds you have of making a million if you start with £10. Please bear in mind, the odds are by necessity approximates as different casinos will offer different variations on the games so these aren’t exactly absolutes.

These aren’t the only ways of course, the lottery is still a great method if you’re hoping to make a million buuuut the odds are significantly longer than any you’ll find in the casino. But on the off chance you did win, you’d also probably be winning 10’s of millions rather than just 1 million so we’ve opted to exclude it from our assessments and focused on just the ways you can win millions at the casino. Also it features cats which is usually seen as a plus.


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