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  • If you were going to cheat in a casino… how would you do it?

    Films have long glamorized cheating or robbing casinos, whether it was Bond in Casino Royale or Ocean’s Eleven. But it’s not just Hollywood portrayals that lead us to believe it’s possible to head to Vegas to make a killing and live a grift-fuelled life of luxury. From Tommy Glenn Carmichael’s spectacular technical mind to a […] More

  • These are the Most Overlooked Factors of a Perfect Game of Poker

    For years, poker fans have spoken about the “perfect poker game.” According to fans’ own definitions, the perfect poker game is a game in which no matter which card you end up being dealt, you still manage to win it regardless. At every turn, you successfully outwit your opponents, with nothing stopping you from making […] More

  • Poker Tips for 2018

    Thankfully you don’t need to practice and perfect your poker face when you’re playing the hugely popular online casino game in a virtually-controlled context, largely because you’re both an unseen and unknown commodity essentially hiding behind a one-way screen. But that’s not to say that just because fellow players can’t read you in the flesh […] More

  • Are You a Modern Player? Mastering Poker’s Latest Innovations

    Poker is constantly evolving, which means you have to evolve if you want to stay ahead of the curve. Indeed, when you consider what it takes to thrive in the industry today compared to a decade ago, things are very different. What’s more, there are also dozens of new games out there you can make […] More

  • The Fastest Games at Online Casinos

    Casino games, in general, were created to allow players to burn through as many rounds as possible in the shortest time. After all, the more you play, the more chances to win you get. Among other things, this fast pace is what makes casino games so popular. Millions of players all around the world are […] More

  • Is it Possible to Make a Living From Playing Poker?

    In case you didn’t know, there are actually people who play poker for a living.   However, they should be seen more as an exception rather than the rule; making a living off of nothing but gambling is not only somewhat dangerous, it also requires intense discipline, luck and patience.  First off, many of those who […] More