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Great Techniques to Improve your Poker Winning Streak

The prime objective when playing poker is not to win as many hands as possible but to build a stack of chips that’s larger than your opponents’. There are many techniques to persuade other players to put money in the pot.

Learning when to Fold

Not every hand you’re dealt has the potential to win. Recognising when it’s an advantage to fold pre-flop is one of the best strategies to preserve your stack. Learning to have the patience to wait for a winning hand is a skill worth developing. Even good hands have to be sacrificed if another player’s betting strategy suggests a hand of superior cards.

Bluff and Semi-Bluff Tactics

Many players turn weak hands into pot winners by bluffing. There are several different strategies of how to play an aggressive bluff such as percentage or ratio methods. Successful bluffing also undermines your opponents’ confidence. Semi-bluffing involves cards with the potential for success depending on what’s dealt in later streets. A flexible strategy where you can semi-bluff while assembling a flush or straight will give you an advantage over your rivals.


Choosing to call instead of raising is a sign of a weak hand and is known as limping. One of the most exciting ways to build your stack quickly is to play at a table where one or more players are frequently calling. By over-limping, or following their limps with your own, you can keep a steady stream of money going into the pot. Try to locate tables with above average pots and weaker players who don’t appear to be raising too often. When playing poker online remember to look for top casino bonuses which will help you to increase you bankroll quickly and therefore give you more buy-ins and keep your winning streak going for longer.

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