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  • How do we identify a safe and reliable online casino?

    Online games are very popular and nowadays there is a large number of online casinos due to the ease of game play, as we can do it from anywhere. These sites have become the benchmark for games like poker, bingo and slots and today there are millions of users and subscribers who are subscribed to […] More

  • Benefits of Playing on Slot Sites That Take PayPal

    Besides SpaceX and Tesla, humanity has to thank Elon Musk for many things he’s done and the many inventions he’s come up with. Since he’s steadily moving forward towards the future he will continue to reshape the modern world with his projects. One of them is PayPal and has been taking over the business world by […] More

  • Lion Wins Casino Review

    We’ve seen a huge number of online casino website spring up during the past twelve months, many of which specialize in online slots. With so much new noise in the market, it’s going to take a great concept or a great offer to be seen and heard. We think Jumpman Gaming’s new Lion Wins slot […] More

  • 3 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning at a Slots Site

    Casino games come in all kind of themes these days, and while they can be a lot of fun, it can also be quite disheartening if you don’t win anything even after playing for a significant amount of time. However, after you go through the following three tips, you can rest assured that your chances […] More

  • Driving Down the Welcome Bonus

    What is a welcome bonus? Once you start looking for an online casino, you will see how complex that online world of gambling is. There are so many different casinos, all of them with plenty of attractive bonuses and exciting games. It’s all made in a way to lure you into this world of never-ending […] More

  • Everything You Need to Know About Bankroll Management for Slots Players

    Slots is a purely chance-driven game; a simple one to play too. Despite the hundreds of slots variations currently available online, they are based on the same set of rules and the overall gameplay of the online casino game remains consistent. Royalty Free Photo The simplicity of online slots also means you don’t need a […] More

  • Bet Angel Review – The Sky’s The Limit

    If you’re a trader, or you’ve ever considered becoming one, then it’s likely you know how much work is involved. You need an incredibly strong head for mathematics and numbers; markets fluctuate so regularly that you need to understand the readouts and charts you’re faced with, as well as being able to calculate odds on […] More

  • If you were going to cheat in a casino… how would you do it?

    Films have long glamorized cheating or robbing casinos, whether it was Bond in Casino Royale or Ocean’s Eleven. But it’s not just Hollywood portrayals that lead us to believe it’s possible to head to Vegas to make a killing and live a grift-fuelled life of luxury. From Tommy Glenn Carmichael’s spectacular technical mind to a […] More

  • Five Tips That Can Help You Place More Successful Bets

    Engaging in online betting is always going to carry risks. You know going into it that there is never a guarantee that you’re going to win, but of course you hope that you come out ahead. So, what happens if you keep trying and trying your luck and it seems as though nothing ever works […] More

  • Your Guide to Free Spins 101

    Free Spins are a fantastic way to try out casino sites, they give you the best of both worlds – a chance to win some free cash and the opportunity to test out some of the newest slot games available. But you certainly have to be careful when looking for Free Spins offers as some […] More

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