BetVictor Review

    Started in 1946 by William Chandler (grandfather of the famous Victor Chandler), the bookmaker now known as BetVictor has grown to be a very popular option for gamblers in not only the UK, but all around the world. They made history in 1998 by being the first major bookmaker to move their entire business to Gibraltar in order to avoid the UK’s heavy gambling taxes, and they’ve have been there ever since. While they started as a sports booker, they have since become a leading online destination for casino games, as well. They offer some of the best odds out of all the online bookers when it comes to football, which is why many people choose them over the competition.


    Aesthetics and Ease of Use

    BetVictor is an attractive site that is incredibly easy to navigate. You can switch between the sports page and the casino incredibly quickly, and if you like to have multiple bets going on at once, you’ll be happy with how simple it is to move around. Unlike some other betting websites, BetVictor keeps flashy graphics and the like to a minimum so that the site experiences no slowdown on even the weakest of computers.

    Customer Support

    As with most online bookmakers, BetVictor has a 24/7 live-chat function which can be used to handle any complaints or questions that you may have. The customer support team is generally friendly and helpful, and most issues are resolved quickly. There is really nothing shady going on at BetVictor anyway, so you shouldn’t need to use the customer support too often.

    Sports Available to Bet On

    BetVictor has some of the best odds when it comes to their football markets, so football is definitely one of the main draws here. However, Victor Chandler is renowned for his place in the horse racing world, so you can be sure that the bulk of the action is centered around the sport of kings. You’ll find decent spreads outside of these two, but the football and horse markets are definitely the two biggest reasons to gamble here.

    Live Betting

    Live commentaries on horse races and a detailed archive of past races helps you place bets quickly and accurately on BetVictor, and their live betting system is set up so well that it’s really convenient and fun to use. The live betting feature is confined to it’s own independent part of the site, but it’s integrated really well with the rest of the site proper, so you won’t have to click through a ton of different menus in order to place, change and collect your bets quickly.

    Smartphone Betting

    BetVictor has one of the best smartphone apps out there. You get access to everything that the main site gives you and it’s just as aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. It’s simple, intuitive and gives you everything you need to have a fantastic time gambling, so there’s no reason not to download it once you decide for yourself if you like what BetVictor has to offer.

    Payment Options

    It’s very easy to deposit money into your BetVictor account, and withdrawals are usually processed fairly quickly as well. You can make bets with 13 different worldwide currencies, and you get a 25GBP matched bet just for signing up, so definitely take advantage of that once you make your first deposit. Major credit and debit cards are accepted as well as a wide variety of e-wallets. Skrill and Neteller are the preferred methods of payment transfer at BetVictor, so using those may result in you getting your money a little faster.

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