Betfred Review

    Back in 1967, two brothers came together with an idea to win people money while bringing in a nice profit themselves… but to do it in a fun and friendly way. They started Betfred, which throughout the years has become the UK’s biggest independent bookmaker, and they’ve stuck to their core values ever since. In 2004, they started, which has been one of the UK’s better betting websites ever since. While does have a full online casino hosted on their website, their biggest draw is sports. That’s what they started with in 2004, and that’s what they continue to focus the most on today. This is good news for people who want a good place to bet on a wide variety of sports, as Betfred has plenty to choose from!

    Aesthetics and Ease of Use


    Unlike a lot of gambling websites out there, Betfred isn’t flashy and cluttered with a million different links, games and ads fighting for your attention. It features a cool blue aesthetic, very simplistic in nature but still pleasant to look at. There is a list of sports on the left side of the page, and clicking one of them will take you to that sport’s home page, where you’ll be able to see all of the different matches going on and what markets you can bet on.

    Customer Support

    You won’t find yourself having a lot of issues with Betfred, but if you do, their customer support is easy to work with. Live chat, email and telephone are the three best ways to get in touch with Betfred, with live chat being the quickest. Even if you call or email, though, Betfred will do their best to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

    Sports to Bet On

    UK and Ireland-based football and horse racing are the two biggest draws at Betfred, but there are plenty of other sports to bet on as well. However, as a strictly UK-based site, they don’t focus too much on other sports outside of UK and Ireland. On that same note, non-British or Irish gamblers can’t even access the website to begin with! A great feature for football gamblers is called the “football analyser,” which gives you info on what bets to make by giving you reports of the days’ events. You won’t get livestream video, but the audio report is still nice.

    Live Betting

    An important part of sports gambling is live betting, and when you use Betfred, you’ll find that the live betting is excellent. The site has a feature which shows you where your bets are going at any time during a live game, which makes it easy to manage multiple bets during a single game or series of games.

    Smartphone Betting

    Betting with Betfred on your smartphone is incredibly easy thanks to their dedicated smartphone application. It can be downloaded directly from the App Store or Google Play store and used just like the website to manage every bet that you would like to make or have made in the past.

    Payment Methods

    Just for signing up, Betfred gives you a thirty pound bet to place as you wish. You can deposit additional money into your account via any major debit or credit card, paypal, bank transfer, or cheque, and withdrawing is just as simple. It will take a little bit longer to get your money when withdrawing, but Betfred does not have a reputation for cheating their customers, unlike some other online casinos.

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